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存’s Money Market Kinetics provides a single, daily feed of anonymized CP and CD secondary settlement transactions data–excluding IPA to dealer–to enhance analysis of this enormous market.

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    The amount of outstanding money market instruments (MMIs) on deposit at 直接转矩 is approximately $3.1万亿年, with commercial paper (CP) and institutional certificates of deposit (CD) representing approximately $1.2万亿又1美元.0 trillion, respectively. 第一次, 存 is providing daily anonymized CP and institutional CD secondary settlement transactions data, excluding IPA to dealer, which enables consumers to create benchmarks and indices and analyze trade volumes and rates.

    存 Money Market Kinetics brings together in a single, streamlined data set a variety of common fields, including but not limited to security ID, security description, vnsr威尼斯城官网登入类型, 发行人的名字, 结算日期, 到期日, 本金, 结算金额, interest rate and interest rate type.

  • 好处

    Gain greater insights into short-term opportunities.



    Save time by having the CP/CD transaction data consolidated from multiple sources.
    Facilitate analysis of settlement transaction data.
    Ensure the most current data by getting updates when you need them – either intraday or end of day.
    Robust Equity Instrument Data
    Seamlessly allows users to link and monitor spikes in CP and the performance of a company's equity security counterpart.

  • 提供

    Daily anonymized CP and institutional CD transaction data file

  • 报道

    The following table highlights the volumes and breadth of data that underpin 存 Money Market Kinetics. 存 is uniquely able to provide data that was previously unavailable on this vast market.


    存 has CP/CD transactional data from November 2014 to present.

  • 它是如何工作的

    存's CP and institutional CD data is derived from 存 settled dealer turnarounds and directly placed paper transactions.

  • 交付

    存 Money Market Kinetics:

    • 一天结束: Approximately 5:10 PM ET, containing all transactions for the day.
    • 盘中: Every half hour from 8:10 AM to 5:10 PM ET cumulative files.
    • Money Market Kinetics is also available on the Snowflake Data Marketplace
      * Available in AWS-US-East-1 (N. Virginia) and AWS-US-West-2 (Oregon) regions
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Drive Your Market Analysis with 存 Kinetics Data


Money Market Kinetics Weekly Snapshot

数据服务 - Money Market Kinetics

Money Market Kinetics



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