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DTCC CDS Kinetics provides market risk perspectives on credit derivatives traded globally, by utilizing position data sourced from DTCC’s Trade Information Warehouse (TIW). TIW is a centralized infrastructure for reporting and asset servicing on approximately 98% of all credit derivative transactions outstanding worldwide.

  • About

    Optimize your trading strategies, make informed investment decisions, and manage risk with DTCC’s CDS Kinetics service. Get access to the largest consolidated set of global credit default swap (CDS) data. CDS Kinetics provides an in-depth understanding of liquidity and transparency of CDS on indexes, corps, sovereign, tranches, agencies, municipal, and loans. CDS Kinetics leverages data from DTCC’s Trade Information Warehouse (TIW) which automates lifecycle event processing and central settlement for approximately $10 trillion of credit derivatives worldwide.

    CDS Kinetics provides investors with data which can be used to perform systematic investment strategies and understand relative value analysis between CDS and other correlation instruments such as indexes, options, tranches, and Credit ETFs. CDS Kinetics data also provides investors a unique, in-depth view of market positioning for net long or short positions.

  • Benefits



    Market Transparency
    • Utilize new analytical data points to help you navigate trends and sentiment.
    • Better understand the change in notional values and number of outstanding contracts.
    • Leverage over 13+ unique report views of the data.
    • Access +10 years of consolidated time-series and historical data starting from 2010 to expand your analysis.
    Operational Efficiency
    • Visualize your decision-making strategy and examine performance details with simple and powerful graphical views of the data.
    • Choose how you receive data from CDS Kinetics leveraging flexible delivery options via SFTP or access the new enhanced CDS Kinetics web portal.
    Market Coverage
    • Access anonymized positions aggregated from +2,500 market participants across the globe, including major dealers, and buy-side firms.
    • Extensive data attribute coverage with over +1,700 unique CDS securities

  • Coverage

    TIW Market Reports

  • How It Works

    Records of new and modified confirmed CDS trades in eligible transactions are submitted to DTCC’s CDS Kinetics as a confirmed or matched record by submission services.

    On a weekly basis DTCC publishes detailed reports on all live positions recorded in the CDS Kinetics.

    DTCC extracts data from the weekly position reports and generates Stock and Volume reports each Tuesday after 6:00PM ET.

    DTCC CDS Kinetics Data Flow

  • Delivery

    Weekly reports are available each Tuesday between approximately 6:00PM ET (21:00 GMT) and 1:00AM ET (06:00 GMT) and can be delivered the following ways:

    • Web Interface
    • SFTP
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